I looked at lots of different poker sets before I bought this one because I have always found loads of problems with this kind of product in the past. The chips are usually poor quality and won’t stack properly. The cards are always either paper and fall to bits after a couple of games or plastic-coated so they last a bit longer, but not long enough. The plastic chip trays inside the cases are always too thin and crack too easily so sooner or later you end up with chips rattling around loose and the cases themselves are always too weak for the job. The ones I have bought in the past have all arrived with either dents or scratches on the metal and since one of them was bought as a gift, it really made me wary this time around.

What first sold me on this set was the packaging. Not only does it come in a really nice branded box (which is in the pictures) but when it arrived we realised there was also a proper thick, protective polystyrene box inside too. They have obviously put a lot of thought into this and there is no way the case is going to get damaged. The chips are also great – nice and heavy and they stack perfectly with a lovely clink. The values and number of each type have been given careful thought too and the cards are amazing – very high-quality plastic cards, as good as any I have played with over the years. The inside of the case is rock solid too – a much thicker construction compared to any other set I have bought in the past.

Yes it is a bit more expensive than some of the other cheap sets but in my opinion it’s well worth the extra money. It will last for years and the quality is far superior to anything else I have found. I am very happy indeed, so much so that I am also going to buy some spare cards and probably another set closer to Christmas as a gift.

– Claire B
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Wow – what an amazing set. Great chips, proper plastic cards, a nice sturdy case and all in a very classy gift box. I bought this for myself but now I know what I will buy a couple of the lads for Xmas. A great little extra came by email as well when I bought it, which was a nice touch. Fantastic quality at a very good price. Chuffed to bits.
– Andrew

Just opened up my delivery – so far, so good. The quality looks high, no issues with the condition (a scuffed up brand logo plate on the case but the case is unblemished), nice cards, nice heavy chips, all the dealer/small blind/big blind buttons… check. Quite tempted to give it 5 stars… okay, unless some issues turn up, 5 it is – especially for the price.
– ‘The Fuzz’

I was really impressed with this set – I ordered it for my husbands Birthday. The quality of the product, from the case, to the clay chips and all the independent parts is very high – he was really delighted with it.
– Jo L

Amazing set, we use this for family poker nights and its great, cards are well made and the chips too
– David

Really great set. Includes everything you’d ever want, enough chips for 7-8 handed games. Nice set of sturdy cards, and a nice weight to the chips.
– Sean M

Love that chips show their value. Case is excellent
– Kim

Really good quality product. Just as good as what you get in the casino.
– David

Looked at loads of different sets of chips before I found this set. Chips feel really nice. The case is decent enough. Really well packaged all in all good value for high quality chips.
– James L

Bought for husbands birthday gift. He is very happy with it. Good quality cards and nicely weighted chips. All nicely packaged. Very good service.
– Romrak

Quality iz amazing very cool tnx very good product
– Andrija

Excellent purchase as advertised lovely case and lots of chips, playing cards and dice hours of fun to be had with this little lot !
– Phillip W

Having tried all of the so called ‘top end’ card brands, these cards have been durable in a range of situations and even the most miserable of player has been complimentary. Great buy.
– Joel W

the cards are slightly larger than a standard deck which is a good thing. 100% plastic and the images/numbers are part of the plastic meaning no de lamination.

The edges are nice and slim meaning a slot shuffle is easy to perform. The cards being plastic do not deform when bent meaning a riffle shuffle is actually ok to perform (vouched for this after 5 people riffle shuffled every deal for 6 hours on two separate games) The face of the cards are nice and smooth whereas the backs have a small texture to them making shuffling and dealing easy. Theyre 100% waterproof which means when you’re either sitting at the table with your drunk af mate who spills his drink after he goes all in on a pair of 7s on a flush draw table or if you’re playing strip poker and finally get that lass with the big tatas to take her bra off finally the cards won’t be damaged by 4 males worth of drool..

– Aaron D

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I have long held the opinion that Waddingtons Number 1 playing cards are the only quality cards on the market. However, these have joined them. They are a little more expensive, but it’s worth the money.

If you want “standard” (card) playing cards then by all means stick with Waddingtons. But for anything else then these cards have beautifully clear faces with easy to read suit & number, (great for older people), and are clearly a well made product that will last much longer.
– David W

I ordered a 500-piece set from the same company recently and was so impressed with the cards that I ordered some more as a back up. They are amazing quality – proper professional plastic cards, a lovely design and even a discount card in each pack towards future purchases. I also love the freebie they send when you buy something. I won’t spoil the surprise but what a great little extra touch. They have put a lot of thought into all this and the cards are cracking value for money. I have bought plenty of worse packs of cards over the years that have cost me more than this. Nice job.
– Claire B

Good deck of cards. They feel durable, I had numerous comments at our poker nights saying that they feel like Good cards. Would recommend.
– Ryan D

These cards are excellent. Hard wearing and a joy to handle. Highly recommended.
– Douglas K

Best cards I’ve ever bought ! Easy to shuffle and deal with large numbers so no need for me to wear glasses when playing with them ! Sure they will last a lot longer than linen playing cards 
– Valerie E

Hands down the best cards I’ve ever handled. Play poker every Friday and an learning card tricks and slights, they are gorgeous.
– Elliot B

Had been using cards with a linin finish which lasted a month or so but as soon as I took these out the box I knew they’d be great. A pleasure to shuffle and deal! You’ve won my repeat custom.
– Ky

I bought these as a gift. They were well received. The shuffle with ease. Not too slippy and they are good value. Perfect for poker etc.
 – Alison W

I ordered these cards to test believing they would be no different to the paper versions you get. How wrong was I. These plastic cards are vastly superior and surprisingly cool. They look professional and feel even better. The fact they can’t be marked is a huge plus for me. I hate cheating. These cards make cheating almost impossible. Shuffling and dealing these cards feels so much better than the paper counterparts. I just wish I had some friends to play cards with me 🙂
But joking aside. These are all the cards you will ever need and they will stand up to the task for certain. Cannot recommend these cards enough! 6 stars if I could.
– Craig R

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These cards are the business, they feel and look quality. Usually playing cards bend or get wet, and then their life is over. But you will get none of that with these, they are in it for the long run. Being plastic, they don’t bend easily and they certainly don’t get saturated.
You deal these with lightning speed and precision. Amazing.
I fully recommend these whether it’s family games night or a poker night with the lads. You just need to get the chips in!
– ‘Bubs and Puds’

I was looking for a set of cards which would stand the test of time and with this you get two sets made of plastic so they are not going to wear out like traditional cards do. They come nicely packaged and have a nice look and feel to the cards themselves and I can see these lasting for many years. Highly recommended
– Spoony

Very good quality double pack of playing cards.
Very easy to read and good to hold and very durable. I play a lot of poker and these cards are among one of the nicer ones that I have handled.
After wiping them clean once in a bit they still look good, sharp and play well.
Very happy with these and I think they are great value.
– P.V.