Poker Cards

Yes, each pack comes with a plastic cut card

Each one is 88mm x 63mm

They are designed for Texas Holdem Poker, where up to 10 people sit at a large table with community cards in the middle. The printing needs to be large so that everyone can see those community cards. Also, with Texas Holdem you only hold two cards in your hand so there is no need for the smaller font or the extra pips.

A If handled with care, potentially years, unlike paper cards which will quickly crease and degrade

A The faces are very smooth so that they glide across the felt (we recommend a table/mat with either a felt or rubber finish. However, the backs are slightly textured so you can pick them u[p easily

A It means that the numbers are bigger than normal (so they can be seen across the table)

100% plastic

Yes, completely.

Poker Sets

This is completely normal and allows for both tournament and cash play. Early on in tournaments the blinds are lower and there are more players so you need more of the lower-value chips. Later on their will be fewer players with many more chips, so this is when the higher-value chips are used (but you don’t need as many of them).

Up to 10, with the correct blind structure

For both tournaments and cash games. It is much easier to remember the values if they are printed on the chips.

‘Clay’ chips are normally a mixture of clay and plastic to make them last longer. Ours also have a metal core to give them that casino weight and feel.

They are 3.9cm in diameter and 3mm thick – standard casino size

Each one weighs 14g

Very strong – the total weight of the contents is about 9kg and it is built for that weight.

Yes, we want to make sure your case arrives in perfect condition so it comes in a stylish box with plenty of internal protection

560mm x 220mm x 65mm

595mm x 265mm x 105mm

88mm x 63mm each

500 x 14g chips

150 x Grey and White (Value 1)
100 x Red and Gold (Value 5)
75 x Blue and Beige (Value 10)
75 x Green and Blue (Value 50)
50 x Pink and Lilac (Value 100)
50 x Brown and Beige (Value 500)

Total Value = 35,150


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