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About Pokernight Pro

Premium poker products from Poker Night Pro are essential for a great night at the table with your friends.

Our sets come with a heavy-duty aluminium case, which has a thicker, more robust interior to ensure the internal chip channels never crack. We know you don’t want your set to arrive with dents or scratches, especially if you are buying it as a gift, so we first pack it in a protective polystyrene casing and then a stylish outer gift box. 

Our 14g chips are made from clay with a metal core for that ideal casino feel. They stack perfectly, make a satisfying clink every time and have no rough or sharp edges, unlike other makes.

We have also given them values suitable for both tournament and cash games with a great distribution – plenty of low-value chips for the early blind levels and a smaller number of high-value chips for the later stages – and all large enough to easily read across the table.

Our professional casino-quality cards are 100% plastic, completely waterproof and will last up to 50 times longer than paper cards. They can be bent and flexed and will return to their original shape every time. Smooth on the faces, they will glide across the felt but have a very fine texture on the backs to help with shuffling and dealing. 

With a ‘jumbo’ index and 2-pip style they can easily be read from across the table and at any angle. Each deck comes with the usual 52 cards – 13 of each suit plus 2 jokers – as well as a special thank you card from us toward your next purchase.

Each deck comes with the usual 52 cards – 13 of each suit plus 2 jokers and a special thank you card from us. And of course, you also get the dealer button, small and big-blind buttons and 5 traditional dice. 

 So don’t bottle it when it comes to buying your poker supplies. Go all-in with Poker Night Pro!

Metal-Core Chips

Robust Aluminium Cases

Quality Poker Mats

Highly-Durable Plastic Playing Cards